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January 02 2018

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The Benefits of Treating Seeds Personally as Opposed to Using a Third Party Provider

Diseases and insects can quickly ruin a crop, and at times these insects and diseases are found in the seed. To prevent problems such as this, many farmers now choose to make use of seed treaters to control or contain an infestation of either type. The seed is treated using chemical and biological agents to improve the safety of the crop. As a result, the plants are healthier and more vigorous and will produce a better yield. However, the cost of treating seed using a third party provider becomes the responsibility of the grower, thus many individuals are opting to treat their own seed.

Why Treat Seeds?

When a seed treater is used, germination rates increases. In addition, uniform seedlings emerge. This is due to the seed and the seedlings being protected from insect pests and diseases that strike early in the season when the plants are most vulnerable. As a result, the yield for the crop is better. Another benefit of treating seed is the agents used can be customized for the crop. For example, legumes produce more when the seed is treated with Rhizobium, and the farmer benefits from the increased plant population.

Finding the Right Treatment

Farmers may wish to try different treatments to find which produces the best yield. For example, a farmer may plant one field using a particular treatment recommended by others and a second field with a treatment he or she has developed. At the end of the season, the farmer determines which produced the better yield and can adjust future plantings. Doing so when using a third party may become cost prohibitive, but having a personal seed treater makes this process much easier.

Farmers find they save money by investing in a seed treater. In fact, many make their money back the first season the treater is used and they retain more control over what agents each seed is treated with. The farmer can treat the seed and plant at his or her convenience, as opposed to waiting for a third party, and can change the treatments as needed for their unique crop. Consider investing in a treater today to see how it can benefit your farm.

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